Right Click – Parenting Your Child in a Digital Media World

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Want to talk about digital media more with your kids, but aren’t sure how?

Help is here.

We will hold a 3 week discussion based on the book Right Click where we will talk about…

* How to teach your kids to use social media responsibly.
* How to set limits on when, where, and how much you use devices in your family–without isolating your kids from their friends.
* How to handle the tough stuff: inappropriate sharing, bullying, and porn.
* How to make digital media a force that knits your family together rather than ripping you apart at the seams.

Right Click equips your family to approach this new connected world like a team. It helps you develop relationships, not rules. Supervision, not surveillance. And best of all, a plan that works without making media–or you–the enemy.

Join David Nelson as he leads this three week discussion.  Sign up below!

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