STP Parents is the name of our Sunday morning parent group, which meets in room 114 from 9:50-10:50AM.  STP Parents is an opportunity for parents to gather together around God’s Word and be strengthened, encouraged, and empowered to be the primary faith leaders in their own homes.  At STP Parents, we cover the same Bible story as our students do in STP Kids, Middle School Youth Group, and High School Youth Group, so that parents are better prepared to talk with their children about what they’re learning about God.  Join us each Sunday in room 114 for STP Parents.



Parent Study – Middle School: The Inside Story

Get an up-close and personal glimpse of the mysterious transition between childhood and high school. Based on the book, Middle School: The Inside Story, from author Cynthia Tobias and middle school teacher Sue Acuña, this six-session study will help you to see early adolescence (ages 10 to 14) with a fresh perspective. You’ll be equipped […]

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  • Wed, 16 Oct 2019 15:11:28 +0000: What’s Worrying Our Girls - Parent Cue
    Raising Worry Free girls

    When your daughter has a little help, a lot of empowerment, and a foundational faith, worries don’t have to carry the same power in her life.
    It’s how you and she respond that makes the difference. Our goal is to understand fear, move through worries, and help her not get stuck in a loop of anxiety.

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  • Tue, 15 Oct 2019 09:00:14 +0000: I Want Therapy For My Family - Parent Cue
    I Want Therapy for My family

    I go to therapy and I am not ashamed of it. I go to therapy even when culture, especially African American culture, says I shouldn’t and that I should instead toughen up and pick myself up by my bootstraps. The thing is, there are no bootstraps. Heck, there are no boots. There’s just a girl who finds herself fed up with trying to be okay all the time.

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  • Fri, 11 Oct 2019 12:04:17 +0000: Journey to Courage - Parent Cue

    Everything in our kid's future is somewhat unpredictable. There will be moments they are uncertain about their choices, friends, health, and finances. Living can just be scary sometimes. We're not asking our kids to never be afraid. We need to hand them a belief that fear can be conquered, and that the key to living is pushing through the difficult moments with courage to do the right thing, or in some cases to simply keep moving.

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