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School Staff

The school office phone is 440-835-3051. Be sure your current email, phone number, and address is in Church Community Builder (church and school site) and Please note: BOTH the parent and student have a Jupitered account. When you first join the school, you will receive login instructions for both accounts. The username for both the parent and student accounts is the student's first and last name. However, the two accounts must have different passwords. If a parent wants to connect all their children into one parent account, then the first time a parent logs on to the parent account for each child, they must use the same email and password. If you have questions please contact Mrs. Konyk for account use or problems.

Faculty may be emailed using the following pattern:

Example: Mrs. Great Teacher is:


Mr. Dale Lehrke, M.A.,
Principal, Algebra

Mrs. DeSimpelare

Mrs. Sue DeSimpelare, M.A.,
First Grade

Mrs. Felten

Mrs. Pam Felten, B.A.,
Fourth Grade

Mr. Felten

Mr. Scott Felten, B.A., Jr. High,
Athletic Director

Mrs. Konyk

Mrs. Diane Konyk, B.Ch.E.,
Technology Educator

Mrs. Herndon

Mrs. Ruth Herndon, B.S.,

Mrs. Hruska

Mrs. Brittany Hruska, B.A.,

Mrs. Fuchs

Mrs. Lori Fuchs,  M.A.,
Second Grade

Mr. Osborn

Mr. James Osborn, B.S., 
Fifth Grade

Mrs. Rooney

Mrs. Shari Rooney, B.S., 
Jr. High

Mrs. Ragland

Mrs. Ramona Ragland, B.A.,  
Music Director

Mrs. Webster

Mrs. Jeanne Webster, B.A.,

Mrs. Becker

Mrs. Bev Becker, M.A.,

Mrs. Wandrie

Mrs. Julie Wandrie, M.A.,
Third Grade

Mrs. Koza

Mrs. Sara Koza, M.A.,
Jr. High

Miss Lenz

Miss Laurie Lenz, M.A.,
Jr. High 

Ms. Gill

Mrs. Debbie Speaker, M.A.,