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Individual Expression Through Art Education
The goal of the visual arts program at St. Paul is to provide an outlet for personal expression in a creative, positive and informative manner. Students will learn the appropriate skills to express themselves in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art forms using a variety of medias.

Over the course of the school year, students enjoy age-appropriate projects that encompass all seven of the art elements: Line, Shape, Color, Value, Texture, Form and Space. Students have the opportunity for self-expression through personal choice in their projects.  Art history is also incorporated into the classroom and students develop their personal aesthetic by seeing and discussing important historical images.

Recognizing students’ work is also an important part of the program. Student artwork is celebrated through ongoing school-wide display.

Class Activities
Drawing- Observational drawing at every grade level builds a skill foundation. Students also draw from imagination and from other artworks, experiencing various media such as pencil, pen, colored pencils, crayons, charcoal, oil pastel, and scratchboard.

Painting – Watercolor, wax resist, tempera, and acrylic

Air dry clay- making pots, sculptures, beads, and statues

Paper- paper maché, paper making, origami, paper sculpture, and collage

Metal- sculptures, and foil designs

Printmaking – Printing plates and stamp-making