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COVID19 Information

Health & Safety Precautions at St. Paul Westlake

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, St. Paul Westlake has been a leader in responding to the COVID-19 crisis through its eLearning program.  As we prepare a return to school in August, the Administration, in cooperation with the St. Paul School Board, parents, church leadership, and local health authorities, have established increased health and safety measures to ensure a proper balance of the concerns for health of our students, faculty, staff, and families as well as the educational needs of those we serve.  
St. Paul Westlake will continue to evaluate the COVID-19 situation using data from reputable sources, relying on local, state, and national health authorities for guidance.
The initial St. Paul Reopening Plan document may be found here:

On Campus Health Practices

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Hand Hygiene
Anyone entering campus will immediately sanitize and/or wash their hands.  All students and staff will have access to hand sanitizing stations (minimum 60% alcohol) in each classroom, as well as common areas (Atrium, Entrances, School Office, etc.)  All school staff are trained in the handwashing procedures as detailed in Appendix B of the Ohio Administrative Code 5101:2-12-13.  Students will be given ample time, at multiple times throughout the day, to thoroughly wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.  All students and staff will immediately sanitize their hands upon entering a classroom.  Students and staff will be reminded to practice good hand hygiene.

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Daily Health Assessments
All students and staff will complete a daily health assessment before arriving to campus.   Anyone with a temperature of 100oF or above, or anyone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 (without other health reasons for such symptoms confirmed by a doctor) must stay home.  Students or staff who demonstrate COVID-19 symptoms at school  - cough, shortness of breath, or fever - will be sent home.

Face Masks
Per the requirement of the State of Ohio, all staff members will wear a mask when on campus.  Face masks are REQUIRED for all 3rd-8th grade students when transitioning in the hallways and when students are in mixed grade level groups (chapel, MS electives, etc.)  Masks for students Kindergarten - 2nd grade are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and ENCOURAGED.  Students and families who use transportation provided by their local school district should check with that district for rules and requirements regarding masks while on school transportation.  All visitors to St. Paul, parents and family members included, are REQUIRED to wear face masks while on campus.

social distance
Physical Distancing
Physical distancing within the classroom environment is extremely difficult.  Teachers and staff will work to separate and space students as much as possible to limit the spread of any infectious disease.  The use of protective barriers (dividers) will be implemented within each classroom.  Signage and visual markings around the campus will be used to remind students, staff, and visitors to maintain physical distancing whenever possible.  

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Campus Cleaning & Sanitization of Facilities
In coordination with our custodial contractor and Board of Trustees, surfaces will be cleaned frequently and regularly throughout the day.  High-touch areas such as light switches, door handles, railings, computers, keyboards, desks, chairs, and sink handles will be areas of focus during the school day.  All staff will be responsible in helping to keep our campus clean and sanitary - something we've always taken pride in doing!  Classrooms will be sanitized nightly using an specialized sprayer and cleaning agent approved for use in public spaces.

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Visitors to campus will be limited to deliveries, admissions visits, and outside educational support staff.  All visitors will be screened by office personnel for fever and COVID-related symptoms before being permitted to enter the school building past the school office.  All visitors will be required to wear a mask.  Masks will be available in the school office for those who need one. 

Return to School Policy

School staff or students with a confirmed, or medically presumed, case of COVID-19 or those who have been in "Close Contact" with another person with a confirmed, or medically presumed, case of COVID-19 must meet all of the following requirements prior to returning to campus:
  • No fever for 72-hours without the use of medication
  • All respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, etc.) have improved
  • Completed a mandatory quarantine of no less than 10 days
  • Have received confirmation from school administration to return to campus