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Cradle Roll

Cradle Roll (contact: Mrs. Beverly Hirsimaki – [email protected]) or call the Church Office (440) 835-3050
We offer the Growing in Christ Nursery Roll packet to families of small children which provides biblical and age-appropriate ways to talk to their children about Jesus.

When a child is baptized, St. Paul sets aside a Nursery Roll packet especially for that child. Periodically – for the first three years of the child’s life – Mrs. Bev Hirsimaki sends the family materials from the packet to nurture the child’s spiritual, emotional, and physical development.

The Growing in Christ Nursery Roll is our way of encouraging and staying in touch with families of infants and little ones in our church. This is the first step by your congregation to establish a lifelong pattern of being in God’s house to worship and learn. The Growing in Christ family of resources provides materials from nursery to grave that teach and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, who has come into this world to save us. Through the series of booklets, pamphlets, and other items included in the Nursery Roll packet, your church will have many opportunities to encourage and stay connected to these new parents in the early and most formative years of their child’s life.

New parents face many challenges and often step back from the church because they are overwhelmed, exhausted, and insecure or because they just don’t see a real need to be part of the congregation. In reality, parents with very young children need their Lord and His Church more than ever! They need the forgiveness, life, and salvation God gives them in His Holy Word and in the Lord’s Supper. New parents need the encouragement of fellow church members. Their child needs to see and hear frequently the sights and sounds of God’s house because God works through these means to nurture faith and establish a foundation for a lifetime in the family of God.

May our good and gracious Lord bless children and their families with great and growing faith.

STP Kids

St. Paul is excited about STP Kids which takes place during the Bible Hour (9:50-10:50am) every Sunday morning. This ministry for potty trained 3 year olds to fifth grade children provides a fun-filled, educational environment for our youngest disciples.

Shepherds, helpers and staffing for STP Kids is an all volunteer force for Christ. We train, equip and provide all necessary materials for this fun instructional h0ur. Your children are safe and engaged in the study of God’s Word with developmentally appropriate resources.

This also provides an opportunity for moms and dads to engage in their own Bible Study while the children are enjoying time with Jesus and their friends. Adults can choose from the varied and ever changing line up of Bible Class offerings that are scheduled during this Bible Hour at St. Paul. It for the whole family!

The Board for Parish Education oversees this program and ministry. Please contact the Church Office for current information if you have questions. Thanks for choosing St. Paul!

There are also ongoing opportunities to serve STP Kids. Please contact the Church Office for more information.