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Faith Legacy - Milestone Ministry

Faith Legacy - Milestone Ministry

Faith Legacy – helping families grow spiritually…
Faith Legacy Series is a DVD-based training curriculum we offer to help families grow spiritually in their homes. Most faith steps are designed for parents to meet for three 60 minute sessions with other parents of same-age children. The sessions include DVD teachings interspersed with small group discussions.

Practical topics are discussed, such as how to have effective family devotions, how to teach your child to serve, how to look for teachable moments, and how to teach your child money management and giving.

At the end of each faith legacy experience, parents speak a personalized blessing over their child while giving the child a blessing object. This blessing event typically takes place in one of our worship services so the whole church can better support parents helping their children know, love and follow Jesus.


We realize that many of our families will not start the series at step 1 where a child first receives the foundational blessing object, a faith chest. That is OK…we can order a faith chest for them no matter what age level they will begin the Faith Legacy Series. This will give every family the opportunity to start the series at their child’s respective age level after first giving their child a faith chest which is designed to be a place to keep all of the other blessing objects.