Voice Recognition


Music @ St. Paul Westlake

The connections of academic achievement and experience in learning and performing music are undeniable.  Research consistently provides overwhelming evidence that music organizes and develops the brain in ways no other discipline can.  At St. Paul Westlake, we recognize these important benefits and incorporate music education into our curriculum.  Students are provided opportunities to experience musical expression through singing, playing instruments, formal instrumental ensemmbles, moving to music/dance, and listening to, analyzing, and evaluating music.

Pre3 - 5th General Music Overview

Orff & Kodaly Methods of Music Education
Student will experience music through:
  • Singing
  • Dance/Movement
  • Orff instruments
  • Recorders
  • Chimes
  • Handbells
  • Guitars
  • Ukeleles 

6th-8th Music Electives

Students in 6th to 8th grade have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Julie Myers-Pruchinski, Band Director, and Mrs. Ragland, Music Director for Choirs and Handbells.  We provide opportunities for our middle school students to experience music through the following formal electives and performing groups:
  • Intermediate Band
  • Advanced Band 
  • Handbells
  • Middle School Choir

Field Trip opportunities may include performing at local nursing homes, retirement communities, malls, and other locations!
Music Clubs & Other Opportunities
St. Paul also offers different music clubs and performance opportunities! Choirs and Handbells are directed by Mrs. Ragland, and Guitars and Strings are directed by Ms. Konyk.
  • New2Guitar and Strings 'N' Things (5th-8th grade)
  • After-School Choir (3rd-5th grade)
  • Yearly Christmas programs (Winter Concert and Christmas in the Atrium)
  • Yearly themed Spring program