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Technology & Steam


St. Paul offers a double classroom environment for STEAM projects. Teachers from any grade or class can bring their classes in to participate in engaging STEAM projects. The STEAM lab has many technology devices and tools, including:
  • Make-it: 3D Printers, Aerogarden, Makey Makey
  • Building / Creativity: Legos, Keva Blocks, Big Blocks, Osmo
  • Technology Learning Activities: Snap Circuits, Turing Tumble
  • Robotics: Bee-Bots, Lego Sprite Prime, Mindstorms Robots, SamLabs Sensors

Classroom Technology

St. Paul offers a multiplatform technology environment. 
All classrooms have an interactive board or panel for the teacher, and classroom devices for the students.
  • Pre-3  students have iPad stations
  • Pre-K through 3rd grade have 1:1 iPads assigned to each student for school use.
  • 4th grade has 1:1 Chromebooks assigned to each student for school use.
  • 5th-8th grade has 1:1 Chromebooks assigned to each student for home and school use. An Internet filter is used to monitor student activity online and filter content.

Technology Instruction

In addition to the classroom technology, there is a computer lab with fiber optic Internet connection, filtered Internet, Microsoft Office, and Windows networked PCs. Students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade have a weekly graded class in the computer lab to develop age appropriate skills with hardware/software, file management, applications, research, digital citizenship, keyboarding, and Internet use. All classes use a variety of online educational apps and websites. Pre-K has a weekly ungraded technology class.

Middle School Technology Electives

Students in grades 6-8 also have the option to select one or both of the technology year long electives. Each of these two electives cover many topics and products throughout the years. It is strongly encouraged that each student take both electives at least once during their school career at St. Paul. Students may take a specific elective more than one year, pending approval.

Code-it Use-it Make-It Elective

This course will take the students on a tour of what has traditionally been called “Computer Science”.  Students will enjoy engaging with technology and using it creativity, for communication, problem solving, and for fun! The course inspires students as they build their own websites, solve challenges with robots, create basic video games, learn to design and create 3D and animation products, floor plans, and more!

Creative Digital Arts Elective

Are you interested in Digital Photography?  Edit photos and use them to create display products?  What about sound production or movie making?  Then this class is for you!  We will explore a wide variety of digital arts avenues and let your imagination and creative abilities soar!