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Wedding couple Congratulations on your engagement and plans for your upcoming wedding. We hope we can help.

In order to schedule your wedding note the following:

  1. St. Paul requires pre-marriage counseling for all couples preparing for marriage
  2. After choosing the date for your wedding it will be important to contact the Church Office to reserve that date
  3. Consider the time for your wedding and for the rehearsal
  4. The Church Office will provide you our Wedding Booklet (digital or paper) 
  5. There are costs associated with planning a wedding at St. Paul (clearly spelled out in the Wedding Booklet)
  6. Remember to confirm your Wedding date with the pastor
  7. Your wedding is scheduled ONCE you have spoken with the pastor and it is on his calendar
  8. Any pastor of St. Paul may be asked to officiate your wedding in the church
  9. Off campus weddings can be considered when you talk with the pastor
  10. The pastor will assist and facilitate your preparations for scheduling, counseling, and being prepared for your special day as well as the marriage that follows
  11. The pastors of St. Paul reserve the right to refuse to officiate a wedding for a variety of good reasons and for reasons based on our LCMS teachings, confessions, and beliefs regarding Biblical marriage


To schedule your Wedding, please contact:

Trish Schneider, Administrative Assistant: (440) 835-3050 or [email protected]

  • She will reserve the date for your rehearsal and wedding on the Official Church Calendar
  • She will provide you with a copy of the Wedding Booklet (emailed, mailed or you pick it up)
  • She will generally answer many of your questions or direct you to the pastor