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Summary of our SERVICE schedule with brief notes on each:

Saturday – 5:00pm (Cafeteria)
Sunday – 8:30am (Traditional, Sanctuary, park in rear)
Sunday – 11:00am (Contemporary, Activity Center, park in rear)

COMMUNION is offered the 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends of each month.

Saturday – Informally we gather in the St. Paul Cafeteria for 5pm service. A variety of instruments are used to provide music and to accompany singing. TV screens provide all the visual cues and words for singing. With round tables, coffee, tea, or lemonade. Cookies or other pastries are also provided by members. Many appreciate the smaller fellowship atmosphere. Others enjoy the pastor’s message, but with discussion. Still others come Saturday because of their Sunday schedule. Come and see.

Sunday, Traditional – Divine Service liturgies are used for these services. We follow historical orders of service such as: Divine Service (Setting One, Setting Three, or Matins). Lutheran Service Hymnal is our source for singing praises to our Lord. Our beautiful pipe organ fills the sanctuary with the music for liturgy and singing. Senior Choir also enhances our music and singing.

Sunday, Contemporary – Also Christ-centered and informal with music provided by our Praise Team and Praise Band. A projection screen is used for liturgy and singing. The screen also offers opportunity to use multi-media resources to involve the worshipers.

Why does our Lord gather us for worship?
The most precious gifts and treasures our Lord gives us are His forgiveness, life and salvation. Through His innocent life and bitter sufferings and death, Christ has purchased and won us from sin, death and the devil. Through Jesus Christ, all the sins of the world were paid for and the wrath of God was appeased. Christ has reconciled the whole world to God.

Jesus Christ serves us again and again as His Gospel is proclaimed , as His people are baptized and as His Word is read. H e serves us as His forgiveness is pronounced and penitents absolved. He serves us as He gives us His body and blood under the bread and wine to eat and to drink. This is how our Lord gives us forgiveness,life,and salvation.What a bless- ing it is to be called and gathered for worship by our good and gracious God!

What is at the heart and center of Lutheran worship?
Lutheran worship puts the focus squarely on Jesus Christ, who is present for us and with us through His Word and Sacraments. Lutheran worship is, therefore, Christ-centered, not man-centered. When we are gathered for worship, we are not contemplating some far-off Christ or meditating on abstract concepts, or pondering various principles for living. Neither are we in church to be amused or entertained. Christ is living and active among us, right where He has promised to be in His Word and Sacraments. Jesus said,“Lo, I am with you always,to the very end of the age”(Matt. 28:20).When He gath- ers us around His Word and Sacraments, He fulfills this promise to us once again.