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We Are “The People of the Story”

Pastor Smith
Tuesday, August 28, 2018
We Are ‘The People of the Story’

Inside jokes and old stories. That’s the agenda when I get together with my friends from back home.

We don’t see each other very often anymore because over the years we have moved all around the country. So you’d think most of our time together would be spent catching up on the new, exciting things happening in our lives.

But no, we focus on repeating our favorite inside jokes and reliving old stories.

Maybe that’s how it is when you get together with your oldest friends too. There are so many funny, crazy, memorable stories you can relive with the people who went to grade school, high school, or even college with you. For some reason, the stories never get old. We get together and we relive the story of our friendship.

There’s something comforting about listening to old stories, and interjecting certain details or adding your perspective. There’s something uplifting about laughing at the same old jokes again and again. When we get together with our oldest friends, we become “people of the story”–the story of our friendship.

The more that I read the story of the Bible, I get very similar feelings to when I get together with friends and relive our story. I believe that we are also people of another story–God’s story.

God’s story, from beginning to end, is about how He is restoring His broken world. The story is perfect for two whole chapters. Then in chapter three sin enters in and breaks everything. Creation is now sinful and broken. Human beings are now sinful and broken. And God promises to fix it.

The story continues with God making promises to His people, and keeping those promises. The biggest promise is that He will send a Savior to reverse the curse of sin. That Savior is God’s Son, Jesus. The climax of the story is Jesus’s death and resurrection to finally break sin’s power and restore all things. We are now forgiven and have eternal life waiting for us. And God continues His restoring work in His world by proclaiming what He has done to save all people.

I know, I know…there’s a lot more to God’s story. That’s just an ultra-quick recap. But we are “people of the story”–God’s story to restore and save us through Jesus. We are part of the story. We are not the center of it–God is. We don’t try to figure out how we can fit God into our story. Rather, it’s God’s story, and He shows us where we fit in. We are His people whom He loves so much that He has been working tirelessly throughout history to save us.
And now, whenever we crack open a Bible, we are reliving our story. When we gather together as God’s people for worship–to sing His praises, to hear His Word, to come to His table–we are together reliving our story. We delight in hearing the same old stories over and over again. From start to finish, we hear about God’s love and saving work for Israel and the early church and we rejoice, saying, “Hey, that’s our story too.”

It never gets old. It never gets tiring. Let’s never stop telling God’s story–our story. Let’s always remember our identity as “people of the story.” 

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